Trapped by my own Mind–The 8 of Think

IMG_2261The 8 of Think in my deck ( traditional 8 of Swords) is about being caught up in our own minds, whether it be through anxiety, depression, fear or frustration. The first step to working with this mental state is acceptance.

I’ve had cyclical depression since my teenage years, and through the power of acceptance, I’ve learned to say to myself : “I’m depressed”. That simple statement is so liberating! It acknowleges how I feel and ends the struggle. The struggle to find the cause, to blame myself or someone or something else. So now, I am just experiencing the depression, which I know will pass, without the added shame, guilt and anger.

And the really cool part is that by accepting how I feel–I am accepting myself on a deep level. That is healing!


  1. I find cool how we all see the space that heals us in our own way and by sharing that way we see it. It helps us and others see it clearer.
    It’s like awareness being a onion and there is always another layer to peel. We never get to the core. It’s both the hell and the heaven of duality.
    Once we see it there is always more to see.

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  2. You know acceptance is such a big word. It tries to give a name for something beyond words. It’s letting go and being at the same time. It’s looking at yourself in what you don’t want to see. It’s bliss in the face of tragedy. It’s Shakespeare talking about dying and living at the same time.
    That place of being okay even if it’s not okay. It’s also knowing that what ever serenity and peace you have is not something you can own or hold onto. It’s knowing you are part of the circle and you merely experience it from different places.
    To see past the mind and be in that place that words can’t touch and as you embrace ut you know it will not last and you will fall back into the obscurity of what you think until you awaken again from the dream and knowing that the awakening is what allows the death and the death allows the awakening. One is so the other can be.

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