Spiritual Gifts and the 6 of Earth


This woman holds a bowl of earths, a present. But is she giving or the recipient of the gift? Either way she’s smiling. Her bowl is full, but just. Any more would be too much and her treasure would tumble over.

I believe that this is how our spiritual gifts come to us, in just the right measure. I’ve noticed how, as I develop my understanding of Buddhism and Tarot, life gives just the right help at the right time. It arrives in the form of an experience or a person or even something as random as my taking notice of  some graffiti that contains a message. The gift is just what I need to further my understanding. It’s not more than I am capable of absorbing, not less, just the right amount of knowledge. Thanks life!

Any experiences of spiritual gifts that you’d like to share?


  1. Ah, what a lovely blog, and what beautiful and inspiring work you are doing weaving learning from your tarot and Buddhist practices together. What you write about gifts is so true – and I’ve noticed that gifts come in such unexpected wrapping that you don’t realise their value straight away. I’ve received so many gifts through illness and disability – not the nicest giftwrap, to be honest! Anyway, I’m so glad to have bookmarked your blog, with your careful writing about energy and insight. Looking forward to the gifts it brings to me. In peace x

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