Change, Rest, Renewal


As I follow my path, sometimes I seem to take this big jump. I get insight, or I drop an old way of thinking. Sometimes, when this happens, I feel that my whole world view has changed so radically that I no longer recognize myself.  And I get tired, so tired I want to sleep most of the day. Then, as I start to feel rested, I return to my daily routine: work, people and all the stuff of my life.

This happened recently. Over time, situations, conversations and awareness led me to see my grasping in  a new way. I realized that I have nothing to prove or achieve. I feel radically different and I slept for most of yesterday. Today I am coming back to my activities. And although I’m doing the same stuff as before I’m less attached to it, not less interested, just less attached. I like the way it feels–free.

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