The Importance of Making the Cards our Own


I am forever learning and relearning the cards. As I get to know each one on a personal level, seeing its connection to my life and the lives of the people I read for, my view of the card expands. Of course, the meaning is affected by it’s placement, the cards around it, and what I am feeling as I talk to the querent. But sometimes there’s a shift and I start to see the card in a totally new way.

Take the Devil card for example (full disclosure, it’s special to me because I’m a Capricorn). Back when I first started learning the Tarot I accepted the most recognized interpretation, that it stood for being trapped by addictions and desires. I know that sometimes that’s the case, but more often than not, I see the meaning being about thinking outside the box, living outside the limits society seems to dictate. So when I see this card my first response is–creativity and freedom!

For all those of you new to the Tarot, I advise you to trust your feelings as you interpret the cards. Make the deck your own.

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