Lots Going On Spread


Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, I have business stuff going on, and I’m feeling good. I did a 3 cards spread.

Card 1: What is going on with my relationship? TEMPERANCE! I was delighted to get this card. The energy is so positive and creative. I believe that we are creating something new. We are going on a trip and contemplating a move. The 2 cups in the angel’s hand reminds me of the 2 of CUPS, the wedding card. Now, after 17 years of marriage, it’s another new beginning.

Card 2: What is going on in my business? Well, the QUEEN OF SWORDS is all about takin’ care of business. With experience, I’m able to see what’s important and apply my focus there.

Card 3: What’s going on with me? The 9 of PENTACLES speaks to the comfort around me. No need to rush or be anxious, take time, relax and enjoy.


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