The Gift of Space


Creating  “space” around negative events is a little distance that gives us peace. And its really buddhist. This is the time of year when we meet with family and friends and its not always merry.

I try to give it space. When someone ignites my anger, I feel it in my body. And I just let it be there. I give it some space. I try to remember that the person who did/said something that triggered my anger is more than than those words. And I am more than my anger.

Good luck everyone! And, if you can, check out the moon on Christmas night. It will be full. Last time that happened was 1977–38 years ago! Looking up at the sky, we see space literally. It helps put it all in perspective and fills us with wonder. That’s what the season is about, right? And you don’t have to buy anything. The moon is free for all.

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