Buddhism in Action–How are you present?


Being present is a staple of Buddhism. It’s a concept you come across in all the reading and  a lot of lectures and workshops. You know it’s true because you’ve experienced the beauty of being in the present–that clarity and calm and the power. Yes the power! Maybe you were in meditation or watching a sunset. But how the heck do you bring that awareness into your daily life? For me it takes guts. It takes the humility and honesty to put away my anxieties about my life and and accept who I am and what’s happening. And then I can open up to what’s really going on–something a lot bigger than me. Please share how you stay present. I think you can help yourself and others.


  1. I can remember a time, when no stresses or anxieties seemed to overwhelm me. I routinely had a stable mind, and accepted what I could and could not control. Somewhere along time line, however, I seemed to have lost my footing and it went awry. I’m working on coming back and I find deep breathing to work, I find counting to myself to work, and I find that acceptance is much easier when you loosen self-imposed responsibility.

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  2. I struggle. But I try to keep an inner eye on my breath. When I feel weird it reminds me to watch a little my breath. Slowly the gap is building between me and my thoughts. It’s nice.

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      1. Yes and the number of times they come is increasing. Did you read “After the Ecstasy the Laundry” from Jack Kornfield? http://amzn.to/2akbTgP

        It’s full of advice, like always, on how to make it practically work to bring back the benefits of meditation in everyday life.

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      2. I’m making so much progress that I’m actually procrastinating on the formal meditation now because I’m scared of opening a new can of worms on top of the ones that open during my normal day. lol

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