Free ACHIEVING GOALS Tarot Reading


Recently, I’ve been reaching some of my goals like reducing my anxiety and going to the gym regularly. A lot of my success has been do to a change in attitude and a new way of looking at myself and my life. I believe that Tarot has a lot to teach us about ourselves and can help us reach our goals. If you’d like a free reading, just leave your goal-related question in the comments section after this post.




  1. Good morning! I pulled 3 cards for you after meditating on the question: the Tower, the Queen of Cups and the Ace of Swords.

    The answer I’m getting is tune in to your feelings. If you feel bad about something, turn that into an opportunity to set a goal. Say you feel bad about eating junky food, you can honor that feeling, thank it for bringing it to your attention, then set a goal to help you. Like, I’m going to make healthy dinners. The Queen of Cups really emphasizes the need to feel it and find a use your creativity to move forward. The Ace of Swords invites you to think clearly and get to the root of the matter. Setting goals means being honest with yourself about what you want to change and achieve in your life.

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