1. I pulled 3 cards for you holding the question: What does August bring for Nym? 8 of Cups, Judgement, Page of Swords. I see you walking away from a situation or way of being that no longer works for you. You are growing spiritually. Judgement is a powerful card; I interpret it in your reading to mean that you are being called to a higher level. This may have being going on for some time. You have been pondering something and are being called to take some kind of action in the near future.

    I hope this is helpful to you, Nym.



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  2. Wow–I pulled The Empress, the Queen of Wands and The Wheel of Fortune. That’s a very positive and powerful spread. My take on these cards is that you have come into a place of power for yourself. You’re ruling your affairs with love, creativity and skill. You’ve set yourself up for good things to happen. It might not have been easy, but you’ve “arrived” as they say. I’m sensing that there may be some king of new project or business on the horizon. You have what it takes!

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  3. Oooh! Would you do mine?
    I’m curious about Tarot, as I have developed a recent interest in archetypal psychology and the relation of ancient mythology to universal human experiences of personhood. I’ll let you know if you are dead wrong, lol!

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    1. Good Morning! I pulled three cards for you August Reading, the Knight of Pentacles, the Devil and the Page of Wands. This is a positive grouping of cards and I interpret them to mean that you have been burdened with old, worn out ways of thinking and acting in the world that you will have the courage to examine and walk away from. And you will discover the creativity and energy within yourself to explore a new path. This is an important time for you spiritually. You are growing!

      Blessings, Maria

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