Don’t Take It Personally

Well-meaning people have used that line over the course of my life and looking back I usually blew it off. I was too wrapped up in my hurt. But I’ve come to realize how much practical–and spiritual–truth is in “don’t take it personally” because it’s true, it’s not personal. The stuff that people say and do is about their state of being. When I realize that simple truth–I don’t need to take it into my state of being.


    1. Yeah, but I found it gets easier. Really, if you think about it, what makes someone say something nasty? I just try to imagine how they’re feeling, and remember what has motivated me to be unkind in the past. Usually, I was jealous or disappointed in something and I was projecting it on to the other person.

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      1. Yes that is clear. But if you define yourself through the eyes of others you still just lost a positive self-view whether you understand why the other did it or not. The hard part for me is to maintain a positive self-image when there is no-one mirroring it for me. 🙂


  1. Walter, I really appreciate the conversation! Yeah, I see what you mean, I think. For me, I see the concept of “myself” kind of drifts away. I mean, when I get angry or jealous or whatever I am defining myself as somehow different, separate from the person I disagree with. Seeing myself as the same brings me one step closer to seeing us all as one and one step closer to not identifying with the big “I” or my own personality. Does that make sense? In that space, there isn’t a positive or negative. I’m part of all.



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