More Kabbalah

I’ve just started to learn about Kabbalah. I’m approaching this, as I do all spiritual study, with the aim to incorporate the knowledge into my consciousness and daily life, so it’s something that I’m taking very slowly. I’m only sharing the “practical” parts, the parts that we can apply directly to our lives, not all the background, although that is truly wonderful.

Here’s what I feel compelled to share today: According to what I’ve learned, the key to enlightenment is basically, moving out of the egoistic desire for “receiving” to “bestowing”. “Receiving” is the mode most of us operate in most of the time. It’s the perspective of “how can I get what I want”. “Bestowing” is what God does for us; God Energy gives us our very life and everything in it. Operating from “bestowing”, with the energy and intent of “giving” in our hearts, makes us more like God, closer to God, and connects us to all other souls. And it brings blessings down to earth.

I’ve been trying to apply this concept to my life. As I go through my day, whenever I start to get irritated, I realize that what’s behind that is my desire to “receive”. Why doesn’t my husband notice that I’m feeling down and why isn’t he trying to do something to make me happy? How come my friend hasn’t called? When I shift that energy to “bestowing” energy–what can I do for my husband and what can I do for my friend?–my heart feels open and connected and life seems to flow. I am happy!

That’s all I have for today. I look forward to sharing again.


  1. Would you say that falls into, “What you put out, is what you get back”?
    When you are ‘of service to others’ then ‘others become of service to you’.”
    And this can only happen from the heart, with good intent, otherwise; you get back, what you put out. 🙂
    Very interesting and thanx for sharing, I appreciate it much.

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    1. The law of Universe, the law of Nature, the law of Source, the law of karma is……. We get what we give.

      Be aware of what we are giving because that is what we are going to get….. Knowingly or unknowingly, by words or by actions or even by thoughts.

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      1. Pawan from India I am
        Lost and losing self
        Finding and found at times
        Confused by life in life
        Am grateful to you
        For making time to write back
        Pleasure will be ours I know.
        To know each other more

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  2. I believe that the meaning is that you make a switch from wanting to receive to wanting to give. Most of us are in “ego” and want only to receive, so it’s a big change. But according to Kabbalah, if you want to do it, you will be helped from above.

    I really appreciate your interest.





  3. I am studying Kabbalah, it’s been the most beautiful thing to enter my life. Many people confuse Kabbalah with the more “magical version” which I can assure you is NOT Kabbalah. Forget the red strings, astrology, and dogmatic thinking. Although it’s extremely difficult to build God’s nature ontop of your own and change your perspective like this- it is really the purpose of life. To fulfill God’s desire. Not our own … To use our desire to receive not for our pleasure, but for God’s. For He created us so that we could truly know how AWESOME He is and to be given all He has to give- for HIS contentment. It’s hard to keep that intent when you go through a hard time … but it’s amazing.

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