Buddhism and Cats and Everyday Life

I recently moved from San Francisco to Athens, Georgia. I lived in San Francisco for about 16 years and couldn’t have any pets. Since I got to Athens, I’ve accumulated 3 cats. And they have helped me so much in my daily spiritual practice. Being constantly interrupted by a cat that that wants to walk on my laptop or crawl into a cupboard that I opened or sit in the sink when I’m brushing my teeth (I could go on) has made me stop many times throughout my day and practice patience and love. I mean, how can you not love them? And you can not rush through, you need to stop and pet and say sweet things to them; you must be patient.



  1. I’ve always loved cats. At one point, we had four of them… Our 9 year old best buddy, Odie, just passed last month. He spent his entire life with our family. My four kiddos all grew up with his gentle cuddles. Odie was a tuxedo cat too;)
    We are now down to just one cat. I no longer go looking for cats– now they come looking for me, lol! So, one it shall be until fate brings the next feline into our lives:)

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